Design of an InterRegional eAirport

“Revolutionizing aviation with the world’s first battery-electric airport: Introducing the prototype design of an interregional airport by Berlin-based amd.sigma!”


The idea for an interregional eAirport was inspired by a research project in Germany funded by the government, which aims to design and eventually build two prototypical vertiports. The project involves partnerships with Munich Airport International, Airbus, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, and several universities to explore Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

Following extensive research, the team determined that exploring the potential for using electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to transport individuals from urban areas to nearby regional airports – located within a radius of 100km from the city – was a promising direction to pursue. These regional airports – many of which are former military airfields – are either currently in operation or abandoned and have the potential to serve as intermodal nodes for eVTOL and small electric short and conventional takeoff and landing (eSTOL/eCTOL) aircraft. The latter type of aircraft has a longer range than an eVTOL, but still requires a runway.

In designing a prototypical terminal concept, the team sought to create a simple, cost-effective, energetically sustainable (with a focus on on-site production) and modular building structure that allows for future expansions. The enhanced passenger experience facilitated by short transit times was also a key consideration.

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