Exciting News from Dubrovnik Airport! 

We are thrilled to announce that Adam Symalla and Viktor Sober, CEO of Dubrovnik Airport, today officially signed the contract for the implementation of Dubrovnik Airport Master Plan.

Dubrovnik Airport (DBV), the third largest airport in Croatia by passenger numbers, is embarking on this comprehensive project. The Airport Master Plan will be developed in alignment with national and international regulations and best practices, ensuring it meets the strategic objectives of Dubrovnik Airport.

Our objective is to transform Dubrovnik Airport into a modern, efficient, and passenger-friendly hub, catering to the evolving demands of passenger traffic mainly driven by tourism. We aim to comprehensively analyze and enhance the airport’s facilities, infrastructure, and services, ensuring a significant contribution to the region’s economic and tourism growth. Our approach integrates in-depth market insights, sustainable practices, and innovative strategies to ensure that Dubrovnik Airport becomes a key player in the European aviation landscape.

We are eager to collaborate closely with the DBV team on this transformative project!