What would be the smartest way to manage growing cargo requirements? amd.sigma tackled this question for Linz International Airport in Austria.

In 2018, amd.sigma joined forces with Austrian partner ATP architekten ingenieure to develop the Masterplan 2035+ for Linz Airport. Two primary objectives of this 6 – month project were to create expansion areas for cargo in the southern part of the airport and to increase resources for aircraft maintenance. Hangar facilities for housing passenger and corporate aircraft, as well as other relevant air-traffic functions, were also considered. The relocation of taxiways played a significant role in achieving the project goals.

Another focal point of the Masterplan 2035+ involved restructuring the passenger terminal. On the one hand, the changes targeted operational processes such as enhancements to the security check process and new measures for future EES requirements. On the other hand, the planners integrated revenue-boosting improvements within the airside and landside commercial spaces for duty-free and travel value shops, lounges, restaurants or events.

Over the course of the project, amd.sigma analysed usage requirements, coordinated competing demands, planned foreseeable resources and capacities, and created a development concept as well as a phased-based investment schedule.

Picture ©ZOOM VP.AT