New Horizons for #AdvancedAirMobility (AAM): Vertiports on Parking Structures

AAM promises a revolution in urban and airport-related transport. A key element of this development are #Vertiports to enable vertical take-off and landings of eVTOLs. However, available land in urban and terminal-proximate areas is scarce and expensive.
An innovative solution lies in integrating Vertiports on parking structures. This concept offers several advantages:
Efficient Use of Infrastructure: Parking structures are already a profitable source of revenue. The land cost for the Vertiport is therefore only a fraction of the total.

Temporal Flexibility: The functionality of the Vertiport can be adjusted flexibly, making the investment less risky.

Reduced Construction Costs and Accelerated Implementation: With GOLDBECK, Europe’s number one in serial construction, we have a partner that enables us to implement construction reliably and cost-effectively.

Sustainability and Efficiency: The use of prefabricated modular components meets modern sustainability standards and ensures fast, safe construction.

Scalability and Risk Management: Vertiports could be realized on any new parking structure and at virtually any location, offering high scalability and manageable financial risks.

Through an intensive 1-yr research and planning approach in the frame of the #AirMobilityInitative lead by Airbus, amd.sigma and Munich Airport International have achieved an impressive result within a year. The key outcome is: A hybrid building for Vertiport-parking and office use can indeed be built serially! it even creates a new asset-class of building typology.

This insight opens new doors for urban mobility. Vertiports could soon be available everywhere, from new parking structures at airports to central urban locations. The era of #ElectricAviation is on the horizon!

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