Air Mobility Initiative Update.

We’re thrilled to be part of the dynamic network of more than 30 partners within the #AirMobilityInitiative, all united in shaping the future of Advanced Air Mobility. Alongside #Airbus, we’re engaged in research and development projects aimed at revolutionizing air transportation in Bavaria and beyond.
Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates as we collectively pioneer innovation in the #eVTOL and urban air mobility realm!

These initiatives are geared towards establishing a novel air transportation system designed to seamlessly connect communities within cities and regions. This strategic development responds to the escalating demand for alternative and complementary transportation solutions in urban areas. Key components of this endeavor involve the integration of state-of-the-art technologies surrounding #eVTOL aircraft, the formulation of innovative legal frameworks for air traffic and airspace management, and the incorporation of citizen feedback to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for society at large.

Learn more about this exciting initiative on the new AMI webpage:

Air Mobility Initiative – Paving the way for Advanced Air Mobility.